How Soccer Explains the World: A Great Tour of the Soccer World

How-Soccer-Explains-the-worldThere is no doubt that soccer is a way of life to many and is the perfect window of joys and sorrows of the present situation in today’s world. Rankling Foer in his wonderful book “How Soccer Explains the World” embarks on a world of soccer journey while also borrowing his ideas on the clash of the civilizations, the global economy and everything that he seems interested in. There is no doubt that this book has all the answers to our current troubled times.

The enormous following and the power of soccer might be a bit naïve for Americans which is a country that has certain reservations towards the game and do not find it easy to grasp the game fully. But, if you take Europe, South America and most other parts of the world soccer is not just a pastime and is considered to be an expression of economic, social, racial as well as the social composition of the two teams or communities that host the playing teams and the swarm of passionate fans.

Franklin Foer, New Republic editor, is a diehard soccer fan right from his childhood to adulthood and through this book he finds out the role-play of the game in finding out its reach globally in various cultures. Foer has concentrated on the enterprising interviews of the Rangers- Celtic rivalry, inside working of AC Milan, his long soccer reportage career as well as direct discussions on issues like exportation of the culture in the West and world trade as tools to write this book on soccer.

He is able to easily grab the attention of the readers and also provides decent examples to his readers on chapters like "How Soccer Explains Islam's Hope", "How Soccer Explains the New Oligarchs” and "How Soccer Explains the Sentimental Hooligan." His book is filled with bundles of energy and passion for soccer. It is still pale when it comes in comparison with the religious zeal of his subjects. His explanations of the legendary hooligans in Britain and Serbia will make the best die hard New York Yankees fan look like a choir boy in comparison.