The Instant Coin Collector by Arlyn Sieber

arlyn-sieberThe Instant Coin Collector by Arlyn Sieber is an easy to read guide on all the basic questions related to coin collecting. One of the best books for the beginners, the Instant Coin Collector is presented in a simple manner so as to help the readers.

All the basic questions such as the making of coins, historical value of coins, how to collect coins with high value, how to identify the coins with maximum returns, how to organize the coins using coin collecting software, etc. are addressed in the book. The book is written in a friendly tone with more than 300 color images which makes the pages eye pleasing. If you are new to coin collecting, then you need to start your task by collecting some coins. If you are not sure of where to start with, you can follow the order as given in the book.

The author has described a series of coins with historical importance for first time collection by beginners. The author has also explained about the fun and easy ways of collecting coins. The process is explained with some examples as well, enabling readers to follow the context without being lost in the process. Moreover, if you are encouraging your children to collect coins, give them this book for easy understanding of the process. At the end of each section, the author has given trivia along with some humorous information about the coins. Hence, this book is the best book if you are collecting coins for the first time. And for those who are already in the practice of collecting coins and wanted to expand your collection, then there are many other books in the market.