Charles Potts

The Charles Potts books published in the 1960s, 70s, and the one in 1989 are all out of print. Some of them are for sale at 10-20 times the publication prices at ABE books, Amazon's market place sellers and elsewhere on the web and in the actual world.

A bullish market tip from the Horse's Mouth: scarf them up at any price. Some of them don't seem to be available at any price; Glass Eye Books of Northampton, Massachusetts published an expanded version of Little Lord Shiva; new editions of Valga Krusa and Charle Kiot are looming possibilities.

Occasional copies of Litmus 7 thru 12 appear from time to time but none of 1-6, published in Seattle. 8-9 were published in Berkeley in 1968; 10-12 in Salt Lake City in 1971-72.

A Rite to the Body, Ghost Dance Press,1989, Published and edited by Hugh Fox, East Lansing, Michigan, 36 p, saddle stitched, cover by Alex Fox. This has recently been reprinted by The Temple Press, please see the A Rite to the Body page for details, a review, and a sample poem.