Small Business Financial Management Kit For Dummies

Business Financial ManagementFinancial management is one sector that seems to be a very difficult task, particularly for the small-business owners as many people often create a mess rather than effectively seeking help. This tool packed guide has been specifically designed to help the business owners to manage and run their business easily and effectively.

The book adopts a very wise approach encompassing every aspect of financial planning right from the idea generation to hiring the right people, balancing the books, arranging the working capital to planning for growth in a very straightforward and practical manner. The book might entirely revamp your managerial skills by delving you deeper to improving your marketing strategy and keep your customers satisfied and loyal to you. The use of latest technology has been incorporated to help you improve your business performance.

As titled the Small Business Financial Management Kit for Dummies takes a very preliminary approach to explain very complicated aspects of financial planning in step by step guidance to manage your finance, from financial statements and cash flow to accounting processes, bank loan requests, the steps for increasing profits and much more. The book contains a bonus CD that includes many printable forms, templates and checklist, monthly expense summary to a cash flow statement making it easier to understand with how-to guide for using the tools.

The Book will make you understand how to:

  • Effectively forecast and plan a budget.
  • Effectively streamline the accounting process.
  • Effectively improve your profit and cash flow.
  • Effectively take better decisions with a profit model.
  • Effectively raise capital and request loans.
  • Effectively invest company money.
  • Effectively keep your business as solvent.
  • Effectively decide your legal entity for income tax.
  • Effectively avoid common management pitfalls.
  • Effectively gain a market value for your business.

Small Business Financial Management Kit For Dummies provides very valuable information with easiest possible approach and coupled with the team rules for business survival and financial glossary; the book gives important insights for streamlining finances, improving profits and rule the grow over long periods!