Muye Dobo Tongji The Bible of Korean Martial Arts

muye-dobo-tongjiFor the first time, English speaking martial artists can discover the historically accurate writings of the Muye Dobo Tongji – the only surviving classical text on the Korean arts of war.

Commissioned by King Chongjo of the Yi dynasty in 1789 and compiled by General Yi Duk-moo, this official textbook documents all martial art forms up until the late 18th century.

Now, Sang H. Kim has delicately translated this renowned book into English from the original text… it even includes reproduced illustrations taken from ancient woodblock carvings.

Based on the earliest known Korean martial arts treatise, the Muye Chebo of 1599, the Muye Dobo Tongji shows the influence of neighboring Japanese and Chinese armies on the Korean military forces. Over hundreds of wars and invasions, Korean warriors adapted battlefield skills and tactics from their enemies, creating their own unique systems of fighting. The 24 disciplines in the book contain empty hand fighting styles, weaponry and horsemanship methods that shaped the course of Korea’s martial arts history.

Get the insight into Korea’s martial arts legacy and develop a deep understanding of your own Korean-based training with this durable, hardcover book.