Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Training book

Do you want to increase your power, speed, accuracy and conditioning?

Increase power, speed, accuracy, and improve your conditioning with the Wing Chun wooden training dummy. Learn the attack, stepping and leg methods of Sil Lum Tao (Xiao Lien Tou), Seeking Bridge (Chum Kiu) and Shooting Fingers (Bil Ji).

From the direct students of Master Peng – whose renowned skill in Wing Chun is considered a national treasure in China – you’ll see demonstrations and learn the applications of the wooden dummy techniques to a live person. Master Peng incorporates finger strikes against the dummy, as well as hooking and controlling actions rarely known or associated with the more famous version taught by Yip Man and his disciples.

Read book and watch DVD to discover how these unique methods for training with the wooden dummy can make you a more skilled and controlled martial artist.