Master the Complex Sun Style of Tai Chi Book with DVD

Practiced for thousands of years, Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese exercise that soothes the mind as it strengthens the body.

Because of its pace, it can be practiced by people of all ages and the principles contained within the movements can be applied in daily life to create peaceful harmony. In this book and DVD instruction, Master Guangzhi Xing teaches you the traditional Sun family form used for international competition by the Chinese National Wushu Associaton.

Sun style was developed by Master Sun Lu-Tang by using elements borrowed from Chinese boxing schools. It combines swift, hand and foot movements with smooth footwork… earning its name of "the form of the flowing steps." The 73-movement form is demonstrated from multiple angles by Master Xing which he then breaks down, teaching you the individual movements with detailed instruction.

Experience this highly-regarded style then discover others featured in the Tai Chi for Life series of books with DVDs.