The Complete Book of Numerology review

Complete Book of NumerologyNumerology is considered as the most complex form of science and it is the least understood among the public. There are various systems and methods being followed and it is difficult to follow a single pattern among them. There are so many books that describe the above techniques but only a few of them are worthy for a read. Generally, these books should start from the basics and then go deeper explaining the readers some complex concepts related to the subject. It should also give the differences among the various methods and practices and helps users decide on which one to follow. They should describe about the charts of numbers and how to read them.

One of the numerology books is The Complete Book of Numerology written by Joyce Keller and Jack Keller. The author in the book description section assures the readers that they will get some related knowledge reading the book and they will differentiate the difference between the lucky and unlucky numbers. The author also convinces the users that they will get strong understanding of the concepts and will be experts in the science of numerology.

Well, the authors have given some less intriguing methods of writing the book. They have used many formulas for finding the numbers as a matter of fun but it didn’t pay out well. Well, but for a beginner who just wants to know what numerology is, and that too in a funny way, this book is for you. No advanced reader will have this in their book shelf for the reason that in depth analysis is not provided by the authors. The number chart and its description is not clearly mentioned and the author has not given any analysis on the various methods of the science which has taken its form more than a century ago. There are lots of books in the market that offers more justice than this one. For example SpiritWalk provides detailed information about numerology numbers and other spiritual traditions.