Santa Steps Out

Santa Steps OutRobert Devereaux's Santa Steps Out
by Monica J. O'Rourke

Childhood icons be damned! Devereaux's novel is a decadent mouthful, a perverted romp where all misconceptions about Santa being an innocent jolly old Elf, and the Tooth Fairy being a gentle winged sprite go flying out the window. Just wait 'til you see what the Easter Bunny is really like.

Dark Highway Press was the first to publish Devereaux's novel, proof that the small press will take chances where others have yet to tread. More surprising is Leisure's decision to publish the paperback, a brave move, but the type of move that the trendsetters at Leisure seem to be taking more of these days.

The premise behind Santa Steps Out is that Santa and company actually began as mythological figures, including nymphs, satyrs and gods. And because of an unfortunate meeting between Santa and Tooth Fairy, old feelings, once belonging to Pan and other creatures out of the Hamilton bible peek through, and old conventions go the way of the dinosaur. Tooth Fairy, a lewd, crude sexual deviant who eats human bone and excretes the coins she leaves for the children, seduces Santa until he can no longer hold out, until poor old Saint Nick gives in to his sexual cravings - albeit riddled with guilt. And Devereaux leaves no sexual act to the imagination.

Of course Mrs. Santa, Anya Claus, is less than thrilled but somehow forgives her husband his indiscretion, until she discovers the affair has continued for years, even after Santa swore it had ended. Then she exacts her own revenge, defiling every elf she can get her hands on. Does this idea work for fans of horror? Yes, if you can keep an open mind and understand that this doesn't fit any cookie-cutter ideal of a true horror story. Devereaux breaks every mold imaginable, and he does it with elan, and with an unabashed glee for the story he tells.