Getting Started Knitting Socks

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at knitting socks, this is the book for you! I tried to learn to knit socks by taking a class, and I came away with an unfinished pair of socks and plenty of confusion. Those unfinished socks sat in my knitting closet until I picked up this book. Not only did I finish those socks, but I made 7 more pairs! If you are a beginning sock knitter, “Getting Started Knitting Socks” is the book for you.

Ann Budd clearly explains sock construction before you even begin knitting a pair. Then, she gives you several basic patterns based on yarn weight and gauge: 8 Stitches per Inch for Fingering Weight, 7 Stitches per Inch for Fingering/Sportweight, 6 Stitches per Inch for Sportweight/DK Weight, 5 stitches per Inch for Worsted Weight, and 4 Stitches per Inch for Chunky Weight. Once you’ve learned the basics, you can knit socks with stripes, different ribbing patterns, cables, and even lace. All are described in this book.
Below is the pair of socks I made using the Narrow Stripes Socks pattern on p. 66. I used a yarn called Regia 4 Ply Wool Crazy Colors that I picked up at my Local Yarn Shop.